Ar ais



Are you a fluent Irish speaker either residing in New England or
planning to be in New England for several months in the spring or autumn?

New England faces a shortage of people willing/able to teach Irish classes,
and outside greater Boston there are far more locations wanting classes
than there are available teachers.

We have learned over the years that the best way for adult students to
acquire and use Irish is to have classes available on a weekly basis.
For that reason we generally schedule a 12-week semester every autumn
which includes courses for those who've never had Irish.
This autumn semester generally ends before winter sets in.
For those unfamiliar with New England, winters can include
frigid temperatures and unpredictable snow/sleet/hail, so for these reasons,
we do not schedule classes again until March, though some locations
may meet informally during the winter break.

We then run our "level II" courses in the spring -- these are
continuation courses for those who began their studies in the autumn.
These generally end by early June, after which many in the U.S. begin going on summer holidays.
Because many learners cannot commit sufficient time to their studies with holidays interrupting,
we do not schedule courses during the summer.

If you're a fluent Irish speaker, preferably with experience teaching,
plan to be in the northeast U.S. for the autumn months and/or the spring months,
and would like to consider teaching a course or two with us, please contact us
as soon as you know what months you plan to be available,
so that we might determine whether a course location might be organised.

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Looking to teach Irish in the greater Boston area?
The Boston-based Cumann na Gaeilge organises classes in that region.